Telemedicine & Health Care Informatics

Telemedicine and Teleconsulting

Ferguson Lynch enables health care providers broaden patient services. Remarkable results have been realized using technology-based tools that link remote clinics with state-of-the-art practitioners.

Real life stories of people-helping-people (testimonial on right column about medical students staying connected after course ends…clinics stories)

  • Telemedicine network design
  • Online communication systems for clinical operations and training
  • Online research collaboration between Universities, Medical Schools, Hospitals and National Laboratories
  • Web-based medical curriculum development
  • Distance learning and online conferencing
  • Collaborative workflow design
  • Advocacy and Support Systems
  • Specialist databases
  • Ask the Expert Systems

Health Care Informatics

Ferguson Lynch provides sophisticated record management and web-based patient care management plans.

  • Electronic records and data management
  • Content management systems
  • Interactive decision trees
  • State-of-the-art, individualized care management plan
  • Web-based medical management for patients as well as providers