Online Learning & Collaboration

Expand Learning Opportunities

Web technologies now allow you to deliver more than read only information. Today you can offer your constituents interactive access to your knowledge through communication and educational solutions. With increased Internet access, multi-media training and collaboration can now reach people all over the world. Ferguson Lynch specializes in building two-way information exchange.

  • Open Source, Proprietary and Custom Solutions
  • Online Course Design & Development
  • Learning Management Systems (Moodle Development)
  • Video Conferencing
  • Access Grid Computing
  • Training & Development
  • Training of the Trainer
  • Online Staff Training
  • Interactive Manuals
  • High and Low Bandwidth Solutions

Expand Communication Channels

Create web-based work-spaces and foster interaction across disciplines

  • Online Research & Collaborative laboratories
  • Groupware , Collaborative Software and Content Management Systems support
  • Online conferencing
  • Document development
  • Interactive calendars
  • E-Newsletters & mailing lists
  • Internationalization: Translation into over 20 languages
  • Social Media

  • Online Meeting support and Follow up

  • FAQ development

  • Focus Groups