Client List

A Step Ahead
A Step Ahead, Non-Profit Foundation, Albuquerque
Web based Medical Curriculum development
American Liver Foundation
American Liver Foundation, NYC
Intranet, Portal Consultation
Behavioral Health Research Institute of the Southwest
Behavioral Health Research Institute of the Southwest, Non-Profit Foundation
Logo development, Network support, website and online research application development, online questionaires and consulting
Bureau of Indian Affairs, Office of Indian Education Programs (OIEP)
Bureau of Indian Affairs, Office of Indian Education Programs (OIEP)
Development and evaluation of information technology plans
California State University
California State University,
Fresno California

Web-based course design and development
Caring Ambassadors Program

Caring Ambassadors Program
Brand Design, portal, database, web application and multimedia development

Center for Disease Control
Center for Disease Control, Atlanta Georgia
Web application development
City of Albuquerque Water Authority

City of Albuquerque Water Authority Consulting, CMS Project Management

Defenders of Wildlife

Defenders of Wildlife

Diana Bryer Gallery

Diana Bryer Gallery

Gender Multicultural Leadership

Gender Multicultural Leadership
Consulting, maps, database and multimedia development

Haskell Foundation
Haskell Foundation, Topeka Kansas
Y2K compliance inventory and computer network solution management
Helen Keller National Center
Helen Keller National Center, New York
Web course instructional design and online conferencing
Hepatitis C Support Group
Hepatitis C Support Group, San Francisco
Online education center, CME CNE course delevopment
Hepatitis Foundation International
Hepatitis Foundation International, Maryland
Web portal development, proposal writing
Indian Health Services

Indian Health Services, Washington DC
Website and application development

Institute for Viral Hepatitis Research

Institute for Viral Hepatitis Research
Website, database, council and conference support, web course and multimedia development

Las Clinicas del Norte

Las Clinicas del Norte
(El Rito, Ojo Caliente, Abique)
Online communication systems for clinical operations and training

NASA, Florida
Evaluation of nationally distributed math/science programming

University Development
Web Application Development, Web site Analysis, Statistical Reports, Multi-Media consulting and production, Distance Learning, Online Communications, Grant Writing, Web based Research Tools, Assistive Technology Compliance and Disability, Telemedicine, Tele-consultation, Website creation, Extranet and Intranet development, Online Medical Manuals and Database Development, Virtual education Centers, Web courses, Interactive Calendars and Online Community Development

National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable

National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable
(Roche Pharmaceutical)

IT consulting, collaboratory development

New Mexico Highlands University
New Mexico Highlands University
Online research, online course development
Oracle, San Francisco
Oracle Promise Technology Implementation in New Mexico schools (K-12) with Los Alamos National Laboratory
Public Broadcasting Systems (PBS)
Public Broadcasting Systems (PBS), Washington DC
Research evaluation and educational programming development
Retis Technologies
Retis Technologies
Website development, Multi-media production support Diverse Galleries
Roche Pharmaceuticals

Roche Pharmaceuticals
Web application development

State of New Mexico

State of New Mexico, Governor’s

State of New Mexico Official Website

New Mexico State Department of Health, Infectious Diseases
NMDOH Hepatitis C Report
Business plan and implementation strategy for a distributed web-based Immunization Registry. Web site development and web based training, databases and portal development

New Mexico Health Policy Commission
IT consulting and web architecture

New Mexico State Department of Health, Long Term Services Department
Web site development, training, and web based database architecture

New Mexico State Department of Education, Santa Fe
Online research, online course development and co-laboratories

New Mexico State School for the Deaf, Santa Fe
Training on Information Technologies and online conferences

NM State Department of Health,
Nursing Program, Santa Fe

Online research development, distribution and dynamic reporting

New Mexico Deaf Blind Services, Santa Fe
Website, web course, and video conferencing training and development

New Mexico State Department of Education, Special Education Office
Web portal Development

The Education Coalition
The Education Coalition, San Diego California
Research and evaluation of national education technology systems
The Hepatitis B Foundation
The Hepatitis B Foundation, Pennsylvania
Website, database, web course and multimedia developmen
The University of New Mexico

University of New Mexico, Biology

UNM Cancer Research Center, Albuquerque
Online research services with Los Alamos National Laboratory

UNM Health Science Center,
Department of Pediatrics, Albuquerque

Website, manuals and telemedicine computer network design
School of Medicine

College of Education

Political Science

Health Sciences Center

UNM Hospital Department of Pediatrics

Theresa's Gallery

Theresa’s Gallery

Touro University

Touro University Medical School
Web development,consulting, Brand Design


USAID, Washington DC
Forestry/Renewable Energy/Health Portal development for USAID

Volunteers for Economic Growth

Volunteers for Economic Growth
Consulting, hosting support, Content Management System design, database, and multimedia development

Western Oregon University
Western Oregon University,
Teaching Research Division, Oregon
Consultation and training in clinical applications of computer mediated communications