Power Sector Resilience Planning Guidebook

The guidebook is organized into chapters that guide readers through the resilience planning process as shown below. Each chapter focuses on a specific topic and presents the basic concepts, a brief planning guide, and activities to support planning. These resources facilitate the step-by-step power sector resilience planning process and enables readers to:

    • Identify ThreatsIdentify the potential threats to the power sector and score the likelihood of occurring.
    • Define ImpactsDefine the potential impacts on the power sector that may result from these threats.
    • Assess VulnerabilitiesAssess the vulnerabilities of the power sector and score their potential severity.
    • Calculate RisksCalculate the risks resulting from linked threats and vulnerabilities in a risk matrix.
    • Develop SolutionsDevelop and prioritize resilience action plans based on impact, ability to implement, and cost..

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