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USAID Learning Management System

(USAID EGAT NRM Office (Moodle) Learning Management System Officer Training Support)

This Online Learning Management System provides a web-based environment for delivering online courses, and managing virtual learning communities.

The courseware in this learning system is designed using sound constructivist pedagogical principles and has the ability to create syllabi, objectives, content modules, assignments, tests, and social course activities like blogs, wikis, forums, chats, news and calendars. It can also be used for group collaboration and project working groups.The Online Learning Management System is available to USAID Missions and Partners by request.

Science Applications Online Learning Management System

Sponsored by the Northeast U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Office of Science Applications

Online training courses to support the natural resources and conservation community in using and deploying tools and funded research products developed by the Landscape Partnership. 

Self-paced tutorials and classes highlight the intended uses of decision-support tools and other products by giving a step-by-step demonstration of how to apply tools to specific natural resource issues. Once completing the course, users can work with Landscape Partnership staff directly to discuss how to incorporate these products in their own work.

New Mexico Health Equity Learning Center

From the New Mexico Department of Health

The New Mexico Department of Health Office of Health Equity has hosted this website for many years to provide opportunities to learn more about cultural implications to health and will continue provide trainings and resources to that end. Health equity, as a topic, is much broader than just cross-cultural communication and there are many other facets of health equity in New Mexico that are important and benefit from have training opportunities.